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TRU-DENT Toothpaste is a unique herbal research formula for safe and effective dental hygiene blended with powerful herbs to synergies their effect. TRUE-DENT Toothpaste an only one of its kind combination of HERBAL micro boosters that not only useful for normal brushing but also especially useful to the smokers, tobacco, gutka, coffee, tea users and alcoholics. There are 13 such powerful boosters in TRUE-DENT.

Enables your teeth to fight with germs with Majith, Surpankho, Vajaradanti, Baval, and clove Oil
Removes stains effectively.

Borsali, Kherchaal, Lodhra, Baval, Irimedadi Oil, Majith, Mayafal Well known for its astringent properties that stops bleeding in gums immediately.

Kherchaal, vajradanti, clove oil, cinnamon oil and surpankho relieves toothache by their pain removing properties.

Harde and Irimedadi oil are good anti-plaque agents that resist plaque development and tartar formation.

Clove oil Cinnamon Oil, Mayafal and Vajradanti are natures best mouth fresheners that keep the oral cavity odor free.

Harde, Vajradanti, Baval, Irimedadi Oil, Surpankho and Majith check the ulcer formation by their exclusive anti-inflammatory effects.

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